One more success for the Venetian Startup, chosen among the finalists of the Festival of Civil Economy 2021

Only a few months passed since the New York Times dedicated an whole page to the young and promising Venetian company which, with its project on biodiversity, protection and promotion of Italian horticulture, has been able to stand out overseas and today also in Italy. emerged among the seven finalist startups of the “Prepare for the Future 2021” Award, presented by the National Festival of Civil Economy, in Florence on the 24th-26th of September 2021. “The search of sense” is the title of this third edition. In the sumptuous Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, the selected “best practices” arrived from all over Italy, bringing together young enthusiasts, enterprising teachers, local administrations, entrepreneurs from various production sectors.

Under the slogan "Believe in the development of the past to live in a better future", the Venetian startup was chosen for its professionalism at the service of the "common good", recognized in the careful selection, maintenance and production of quality seeds of ancient varieties of high social, historical and culinary value that are being lost. 

The “Smarties.biodiversity” project believes in the philosophy that quality and healthiness of food matches with flavor and taste. According to its founders, the two young and passionate plant breeders Andrea Ghedina and Luca Bertaggia: “who want to live well, contribute to enrich the lives of others”.


This vision matches with central theme chosen for the third edition of the Festival entitled “In search of sense. People, work, relationships ". The new model of economy that the event proposed is of a "sustainable and generative" economy. The meaning of these two adjectives was explained by the director of the Festival Leonardo Becchetti who sees in the civil economy above all a "search for sense" and the ability to affect the lives of others. The Festival has turned the spotlight on the idea that man is a seeker of meaning before being a maximizer of utility - as can be seen from the millions of data in the frontier studies of the social sciences - and that the combination of creativity and the ability to contribute to improving our own life and the one of others is the main aspect of people's satisfaction and richness of sense in people life.

In tune with the idea on biodiversity recovery, is also working on the "Progetto Gusto Italiano", which carries on the founding values of the company: believing that the defense and promotion of Italian and healthy eating is the way to save biodiversity against a globalization of cultures and tastes. Believing that healthy eating begins from seeds and breeding to select the best seeds of ancient cultivars. Believing that quality and healthy of food must run together with flavor and taste.

Only being a "researcher of sense", it is possible to believe in these values and therefore building civil economy projects.


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