In the fabulous setting of the Doge's Palace in Venice, on the occasion of the fourth edition of the Festa di San Marco Award, dedicated to "Venetian and metropolitan excellence," the startup was honored, the Chioggia startup, was awarded in the Venetian scene under the slogan "Safeguarding the past to live in a better future."
The committee took into account the actions and/or activities carried out, in the wake of traditions, for the contribution made in social, cultural, sports terms and for the enhancement and prestige rendered to the metropolitan territory of Venice."
Presenting the award on behalf of Coldiretti was President Andrea Colla.

The entirely Venetian startup was chosen for its professionalism in the service of the "common good," recognized in the accurate work of R&D, selection, maintenance and production of quality seeds and ancient varieties of high social, historical and culinary value that are being lost. Indeed, the "Smarties.biodiversity" project espouses the philosophy that food quality and healthiness should go hand in hand with flavor and taste. According to its founders, the two young and passionate geneticists Andrea Ghedina and Luca Bertaggia, "Those who want to live well and meaningfully must contribute to enriching the lives of others

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