Baby Lettuce

23 January 2020 0 Comments organizes production plans and breeds taylor made variety Both organic and conventional seed is available.

Certified germination – LMV free seed.

#SM 4.42

Blondie green batavia type.

Thick leaves upright habit.

Perfect for summer cropping.

High yields Fusarium and Tip Burn resistant.

Heat tolerant.

Excellent field resistant to Bremia 16-25, 27, 28, 30-32 EU.

Lattughino SM4-42

#SM 4.43

Lattughino SM4-43

Dark green lettuce.

Curly leaves interesting serrated with nice lobes.

Thick and heavy leaves, with a strong upright grow habit.

Fusarium resistant and heat tolerant.

Excellent field resistance to Bremia, Bl EU TBD.

#SM 4.44

Red lettuce characterized by upright habit and thin stalks.

Red leaves from top to bottom, stalks included.

Leaves have nice curly shape.

It holds colour even under heat conditions, Fusarium resistant.

Excellent attitude to second cuts.

Excellent field resistance to Bremia, Bl EU TBD.

Lattughino SM4-44