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Smarties.bio organizes production plans and breeds taylor made variety.

Both organic and conventional seed is available.

Certified germination – LMV free seed.

#SM 4.39

Romaine lettuce variety with soft and velvety leaves, slow growing, medium-light green colored.

Suitable for September/October harvesting.

The top is overwrapped, the head is solid.

Bolting resistance, U bottomed.

Resistance to Fusarium, Bl: 16-32 EU

Lattuga SM4-39

#SM 4.40

Lattuga SM4-40

Romaine lettuce variety with thick leaves, bright, medium green colored. Tip Burn tolerance.

Opened top, big heads, U shaped bottom.

Suitable for spring/summer harvesting.

Resistance to Fusarium, Bl:16-31 EU

#SM 4.41

Batavia variety with thick loose leaves, slow growing, light green colored.

Suitable for all season harvesting.

Extremely Bolting resistance, heat tolerant.

Resistance to Fusarium, BI: 16-25, 27, 28, 30-32 EU

Lattuga SM4-41