Wild & Salad Rocket

23 January 2020 0 Comments

Smarties.bio organizes production plans and breeds taylor made variety.

Both organic and conventional seed is available.

Certified germination.

Certified Xanthomonas campestris pv campestris, Fusarium oxysporum, Alternaria sp. free seed.

Seed is available in multiseed (32seeds)

#SM 4.45

Wild rocket variety, heavy and vigorous plant that expresses itself fully in cool weather condition thanks to its attitude for autumn/Winter cropping.

Vigorous attitude and high uniformity.

Highly serrated leaves and upright plant habit make variety #SM 4.45 a line suitable for modern market.

Excellent resistance to Fusarium spp.

Satisfying yields from the first cut.

Rucola SM4-45

#SM 4.46

Rucola SM4-46

Purely summer cropping wild rocket variety.

Hardy plant, compact and upright habit, thick and fleshy leaves.

Excellent shelf life thanks to slow growth.

Dark colour even under high temperatures condition.

Excellent bolting tolerance and Fusarium spp. resistance.

Very uniform and serrated variety.

High yield and amazing lobes from the first cut.

Thick leaves that ensure good yields and high mechanical resistance during harvesting and processing operations.

#SM 4.47

High yielding wild rocket variety.

Serrated leaves also from the first cut.

Fusarium resistant.

Vigouros attitude suitable for autumn/winter cropping.

Uniform and upright plant.

Rucola SM4-47

#SM 4.48

Rucola SM4-48

High yielding wild rocket variety.

Serrated leaves also from the first cut.

All season variety, suitable for summer and winter cropping.

Very fast growing.

Fusarium resistant.


#SM 4.55

Salad rocket variety, very uniform, vigorous and fast growing.

Strong leaf with a deep green colour.

Excellent tolerance to bolting.

Regular jagged leaf.

Traditional taste, lightly spicy.

High yield.

Rucola SM4-55


Rucola Multiseme_rucola_selvatica

Multiseed wild rocket.

Available for all the varieties, multiseed with 32 seeds each one.

Suitable for the cultivation in bunches.

Density: 40/50 plants multiseed/m2.