Research and Development is the fundamental sector of, which creates and proposes the right mix of innovation and tradition, focusing on growth but faithful to its roots.

The aim is to offer a 360° consultancy, assistance for everything related to R&D with scientific method in agriculture. is, in fact, the trait d’union between all the elements of the supply chain: a link between producers, distributors, retailers, the world of the processing industry and consumers, in other words, a single expert and trusted contact person.

Following this philosophy, Smarties.Bio works on genetic improvement and varietal development, mathcing the best innovative techniques of genetic improvement, with respect of tradition.

In particular, the goal regards the breeding of varieties for the modern professional market, resistant to diseases, pathogens and environmental stress. Also, varieties that are very performing in the open field cultivation, greenhouse and vertical farming, high shelf life, excellent resistance to processing for the fresh market and cutting. Some of our projects of improvement and development regard in particular the following species:

Baby Kale

Basil for processing

Basil for pots

Bull’s blood

Sugar Loaf



“Batavia” Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

Baby blondie lettuce

Baby red lettuce

Baby green lettuce




Pak Choi

Multiseed wild rocket for bunching

Cicoria Bianca di Chioggia

Cicoria Rossa di Treviso Precoce

Cicoria Rossa di Treviso 2 – Tardivo for forcing

Cicoria Rossa di Verona

Cicoria Variegata di Castelfranco

Cicoria Variegata di Lusia

Salad rocket

Wild rocket



In a historical phase in which attention to climate change and to environment it is of primary importance worldwide, wants to grow and at the same time remain faithful to its roots, offering an innovative contribution to today’s agriculture through the preservation of the horticultural genetic heritage. takes up the challenge by integrating two worlds, the knowledge of rural tradition and the most modern genetic improvement techniques. It works for the recovery of those resources which are highly adaptable and which represent interesting sources of genes for quality and productivity characteristics in marginal environments. The objective is not to lose them and to enhance their value through their use in genetic improvement programs, to give resistance to diseases, tastes and flavors now ancient, adaptability to abiotic and biotic stress. The familiarity with the classic genetic patterns has made them obtain stable and uniform populations within the local varieties, to be used with satisfaction by both the hobbyist and the professional horticulturist, always respecting the high standards of seed quality in terms of germination and purity.

Broccolo di Bassano

Broccolo Fiolaro di Creazzo

Cicoria Catalogna Gigante di Chioggia

Cauliflower Verde di Macerata

Cauliflower Verde Siciliano

Lacinato Kale

Cicoria Catalogna Puntarelle di Galatina

Onion Musona di Chioggia

Onion Rosa di Bassano

Beet Chioggiotta

Tomato Nasone del Cavallino

Cicoria Rosa

Radicio Verdon da Cortel

Cicoria Goriziana

Celery Verde di Chioggia

Savoy Cabbage Moretta

Squash Marina di Chioggia


One of the objectives of is to create a chain dedicated to organic farming, from genetic research to production. Organic is a growing sector and linked to the green company philosophy, to live and work sustainably, with a look at prevention, to the protection of the welfare of present and future generations and the environment.

Test fields for screening and introduction of new varieties certified by organic farming

Establishment and development of varieties suitable for organic farming

Smarties.Bio operates in its own facilities and land certified for organic farming

Production chain of certified seed from organic farming


Past, present, but also future: the company faces urban agriculture through an experimental laboratory for the constitution of specific varieties for the cultivation in Vertical Farming, a real revolutionary solution for the primary production of food. Thanks to a collaboration with Verbax and GE Current, an indoor experimentation in a controlled and healthy environment has been implemented.

90% less water

50% less chemical fertilizers

Total elimination of pesticides and fungicides

Healthiness of the product

Zero Residue

Locally grown- eliminating the impact of transport on the environment

Possibility of growing ancient varieties and local landraces

Enhancement of organoleptic qualities

Use of renewable energy

Why choose us

Smarties.Bio is a NewCo, by definition we are a smart, young company, which aims to offer innovative agriculture

Research & Development

We look to the future well aware of our history, so as to offer the right mix between innovation and tradition

Customized Service

We provide tailor-made services according to customer needs with a customer-oriented philosophy

360° Consulting

We propose ourselves as the only expert and trustworthy interlocutor for assistance services in agriculture, applying scientific, differentiated and innovative methods