Cicoria Rossa di Chioggia

Also known as “Palla Rossa” or, more simply, “Radicchio”, It is the most widely known and used variety. Our range respects the market standards as it is characterised by a distinctive red colour and by its well distributed white midrib. Round and perfectly overwrapped heads. Complete and professional range for a year-round production.

VESUVIO 55/60 days to maturity
STROMBOLI 65 days to maturity
TEIDE 75 days to maturity
ETNA 80 days to maturity
HEKLA 90 days to maturity
SANTA HELENA 110 days to maturity
AMIATA 120/130 days to maturity
VULCANO 160 days to maturity

Cicoria Rossa di Treviso Precoce

Flexible and high quality product that respects the traditional ideotype. This range is suitable for spring, early summer, autumn and winter cropping. Complete range that covers the entire production cycle (early and late croppings) and it is also suitable for cold storage.

LAVA 60/70 days to maturity (Spring cropping only)
SANGRIA 70 days to maturity
REGINA ROSSA 90 days to maturity
PACIFICO 110 days to maturity
CARMINIO 130 days to maturity

Cicoria Rossa di Verona

It is one of the most fascinating in the Smarties range. Range of professional chicories that, with their traditional shape, yet satisfying yields combines tradition with production needs. Its taste and texture are among the most interesting for both fresh consumption and culinary purposes.

PASQUALINO 60/65 days to maturity
ROMEO 80/85 days to maturity
GAIA 110 days to maturity
SCALA 140 days to maturity

Cicoria Bianca di Chioggia and Sugar Loaf

Cicoria Bianca di Chioggia, or “Palla Bianca” is a traditional product, characterised by hardiness and thick leaves. It shares a common origin with Rosso di Chioggia: Variegato di Chioggia, shared ancestor that led to obtain candid and crunchy heads. No variegation. It is a tasty alternative to Sugar Loaf. Perfect for both fresh consumption and culinary purposes.

Sugar Loaf: high yielding white chicory with a mild taste. It is mainly used for processing to be used for the green compound in ready-to-eat salad. Can be used for fresh consumption.

FIOCCO BIANCA DI CHIOGGIA 60 days to maturity
CRISTALLO BIANCA DI CHIOGGIA 110/120 days to maturity
SERENA SUGAR LOAF 90 days to maturity

Cicoria Catalogna Puntarelle di Galatina MEDUSA

Cicoria Catalogna Puntarelle di Galatina: also known as asparagus chicory because of the shape of its stems. Originally from the Italian region of Apulia. Super early selection, highly flexible, it is also suitable for late transplanting. It can be grown in different climate areas. Compact head, erect and solid turions which are excellent for fresh consumption. Excess leaves can be cooked and served as a side dish.

70 days to maturity

Cicoria Rosa, Gialla and Bandarossa

Cicoria Rosa (pink): characteristic variety of pink chicory that resembles the morphology of Radicchio di Verona and Radicchio di Mantova. Delicate taste. Our range provides two different varieties: a medium-late variety for December croppings, and a late variety for January croppings and beyond.

Cicoria Gialla (yellow): unique yellow colored chicory of Verona type. Medium-late cycle, 100-110 days to maturity. Specialty for niche market. Excellent to be consumed raw in fancy mixed salads with the classic Rosso di Verona and Pink type.

Cicoria Bandarossa: Oustanding variety with unique red midrib belonging to the Cicoria Rossa di Verona type. Late cycle variety for December and January harvesting. 110 days to maturity. Classic egg shape.

JOLANDA CICORIA ROSA (PINK) 100 days to maturity
PASSERINA CICORIA ROSA (PINK) 120 days to maturity
YELLOWSTONE CICORIA GIALLA (YELLOW) 100/110 days to maturity

Cicoria Rossa di Treviso 2 (Treviso tardivo da imbiancare)

Cicoria Rossa di Treviso 2 – Treviso tardivo to be forced. Probably the most fascinating type because of its growing process, which requires forcing and whitening. This produce is characterized by both a vivid red colour and very white, regular and uniform midribs. It ensures good yields after forcing.

BOTTENIGA 100 days to maturity
CAGNANI 130 days to maturity

Cicoria Catalogna Gigante di Chioggia FELIX

Cicoria Catalogna Gigante di Chioggia: this chicory is characterized by its medium cycle (80 days to maturity). Excellent when cooked and served as a side dish. Big in size, the main characteristics of this plant are its wide rib and the absence of side shoots. Its green and jagged leaves have a slightly bitter but pleasant taste.

Cicoria Goriziana VOGLIA

Cicoria Goriziana: La Rosa di Gorizia. Its leaves are silky and of a vivid red colour. It is characterized by a flexible cycle that guarantees good yields for the whole winter, starting from December. Amazing winter chicory that requires a forcing process that is traditionally carried out inside crates filled with wet sawdust, differently from the case of Treviso Tardivo.

130 days to maturity


It is a very sweet type of chicory, originating from southern Veneto. The strong freshness of this variety makes it particularly fitting for raw consumption. It has a sweet, slightly aromatic taste. Professional product that respects the varietal standards for a range that can guarantee year-round yields. Early slot varieties can be opened as Castelfranco.

Its leaves are of a red spotted ivory colour, which is
typical of this variety.

Cicoria Variegata di Lusia SORGENTE

55 days to maturity

Cicoria Variegata di Lusia DELTA

90 days to maturity

Cicoria Variegata di Lusia FONTE

110 days to maturity

It is one of the most fascinating among the chicories cultivated in the Veneto region. Perfect to be consumed raw, it is slightly bitter, crunchy and delicate. Professional range that respects the traditional ideotype. Self-whitening type that ensures high yields in the fields, despite its typical attitude to be opened as a rose. It is of a pleasant cream-yellow colour with a uniform red speckled pattern.

Cicoria Variegata di Castelfranco MIRABELLA

65 days to maturity

Cicoria Variegata di Castelfranco BEATRICE

90 days to maturity

Cicoria Variegata di Castelfranco LENTIGGINI

110 days to maturity

Radicchio Variegato di Chioggia can be considered as
the ancestor of both Cicoria Bianca di Chioggia and Cicoria Rossa di Chioggia,
from which the two selection ranges originated.

This selection is characterized by its strong lateness and hardiness. Its extreme resistance to cold and ice makes it suitable also for late harvesting (February and March).

Radicchio Variegato di Chioggia ACQUERELLO

160 days to maturity