Who is Smarties.bio

Smarties.bio has an international name but Italian roots. SMART from the English “intelligent, brilliant, ingenious” and BIO from the Greek “bios”, which means life, and can be traced back to biodiversity, biology, organic. Two words that express the values on which the company is based: innovation, modernity, with respect for traditions, the great Italian horticultural heritage from which our varieties are born, working in a sustainable way, having a look to prevention, the protection of the welfare of present and future generations and the environment.

Our projects


Our products

Smarties.bio develops horticultural leafy products such as wild rocket, lettuce, basil, endive, chicory, but also products that are part of our Italian horticultural biodiversity, such as Broccolo Fiolaro di Creazzo, Savoy Cabbage Moretta, Cicoria Catalogna Gigante di Chioggia, Cicoria Goriziana and Cicoria Rosa. It constitutes OP and F1 varieties with modern molecular techniques, integrated with traditional techniques.

Why choose us

Smarties.Bio is a NewCo

Smarties.bio, by definition we are a smart, young company, which aims to offer innovative agriculture

Research & Development

We look to the future well aware of our history, so as to offer the right mix between innovation and tradition

Customized Service

We provide tailor-made services according to customer needs with a customer-oriented philosophy

360° Consulting

We propose ourselves as the only expert and trustworthy interlocutor for assistance services in agriculture, applying scientific, differentiated and innovative methods

Our certifications

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Smarties.bio è sempre alla ricerca di tecniche all’avanguardia per avere i migliori prodotti a basso impatto ambientale.

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Andrea Colla

Guardiamo con ammirazione ai progetti di questi giovani che colgono la sfida e integrano due mondi: il sapere della tradizione contadina e le più moderne tecniche di  miglioramento genetico per far apprezzare a sempre più persone la qualità dei nostri prodotti

Presidente di Coldiretti Venezia

Da Lane Selman

I’m grateful to have this opportunity to venture to the Veneto region again to visit radicchio farms, Andrea shared a ton of radicchio growing information with us, they have graciously shared so much and been very generous hosts

Culinary Breeding Network

Malcom Yare

Love this… A smart young company providing professional advice and assistence with everything related to scientific Research & Development in agricolture

GE Current

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