Radicchio Festival: A Dive into the Pacific Northwest Agriculture Scene

Radicchio Festival: A Dive into the Pacific Northwest Agriculture Scene
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We're delighted to share with you the captivating world of radicchio in the Pacific Northwest, as told by Matthew Trueherz's article on October 27, 2022. This narrative delves into the fervor cultivated by passionate farmers who see radicchio not just as a vegetable but as a unifying symbol.
The Radicchio Cult in the Pacific Northwest
The article explores the radicchio mania that has taken hold among farmers in Oregon and Washington. Every year, Radicchio Week sees farmers and chefs come together for the radicchio symposium and the Sagra del Radicchio, a tasting festival dedicated to promoting radicchio in the local diet. These enthusiasts believe that radicchio is the key to extending the growing season and supporting the local farming community.
The Allure of Radicchio: Beyond the Supermarket
Radicchio is not just the red vegetable we know; it's a universe of varieties and flavors that unfolds during this annual celebration. Lane Selman, a professor of horticulture and founder of the Culinary Breeding Network, is a passionate advocate for radicchio and is committed to bringing its sustainable and local cultivation through research and enthusiasm.
From Veneto to Oregon: A Story of Agricultural Success
The story winds through the challenges and successes of radicchio in the Pacific Northwest region. Selman brought Andrea Ghedina, owner of the seed company Smarties.bio, from the hometown of radicchio, Chioggia. Ghedina brought Italian seed varieties, promoting a collaboration with Washington seed breeder Uprising Seeds.
The Full Interview: A Deep Dive into the Details
To learn more about this exciting adventure in the world of radicchio and its cultivation in the Pacific Northwest, we invite you to read the full interview here.
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