The Italian Passion for Radicchio Lands in America: An Interview with

The Italian Passion for Radicchio Lands in America: An Interview with
Hello friends of the world!
We are excited to share a recent interview we were given on OPB. The article, published on March 6, 2023, explores the fascinating story of how our Italian passion for radicchio turned into a blossoming reality here in the United States.

From Italian Seeds to Delicious American Harvests.
The interview chronicles our adventure, starting with the Italian seeds we bring to the lands of Oregon and Washington. You will discover how our dedication to quality agriculture has resulted in delicious, fresh crops, bringing the authenticity of Italian cuisine to American tables.
The Magic Behind Our Unique Radicchio.
This article delves into the variety and quality of our crops, highlighting what makes our radicchio so special. From sustainable growing methods to the Italian traditions that permeate every step of the process, we want to share with you the magic behind each head of radicchio.

Explore Our Selection of Fresh Produce
After reading the interview, we invite you to explore our fresh produce selection. From tasty radicchios to delicious brassicas, we offer a variety of products that bring the authentic taste of Italy right to your table.
Read the full interview on OPB here to learn more about our history and the passion we cultivate every day.
Thank you for being part of this journey with us. We look forward to sharing more exciting and delicious moments with our incredible community!
See you soon, The Team

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